Principal's Welcome

I wish to extend, to all families, a warm welcome to St Mary’s Primary School in Moruya. St Mary’s is a co-educational Kindergarten to Year 6 Catholic primary school with a current enrolment of 250 children. St Mary’s is situated in close proximity to the majestic Moruya River and is surrounded by beautiful grazing land. Moruya is the traditional home of the Brinja-Yuin people from the southern side of the Moruya River and the Walbanga-Yuin from the northern side of the Moruya River.

St Mary’s is part of the Sacred Heart Parish with Father Martins as the parish Priest and he is assisted by Father Dominic. The school enjoys a close relationship with the parish and the children from the school attend Mass in the church regularly. The school is part of the Catholic Education Office of Canberra and Goulburn and is administered from the CEO in Manuka. St Mary’s is part of a network of some 56 schools across the Archdiocese.

St Mary’s was established approximately 160+ years ago by the Good Samaritan Sisters. The Sisters brought Catholic Education to Moruya and educated children from outlying farming districts, some of whom boarded at the convent. The school still bears the motto of the Good Samaritan Sisters, “In all things my God be glorified”. This is at the heart of all that happens at St Mary’s.

St Mary’s is a well-resourced school and provides excellent opportunities for all the children who attend the school. The school has a modern performing arts hall which is in constant use. The children are supported academically by a group of committed and experienced staff. Children are given the opportunity to engage in technology through the use of desk top computers and a number of iPads that are used in classrooms for curriculum delivery and differentiation. The school is well resourced and offers a variety of sports program for the children.

Parents, as the first educators of their children, are most welcome partners in education at St Mary’s. Parents assist in the classroom, at carnivals, at special events and assist the school through fund raising events. Assemblies are held each Monday and many parents take this opportunity to support their children through their attendance.

St Mary’s is one of three Catholic schools on the South Coast and we are very conscious of providing a K -12 pathway in Catholic education for our children. St Mary’s maintains close contact with Carroll College in Broulee in terms of in service training, resource sharing and mentoring for our students.

If you require further information about the school please make an appointment with the school office staff to speak with me.

Noeleen O'Neill

Meet Our Staff

Mrs Noeleen O'Neill


Croese Margaret.jpg
Assistant Principal
Keough Rebecca.jpg
Teaching & Learning Coordinator
Devonald, Frances.jpg
Religious Education Coordinator &
Performing Arts Teacher
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K Red
Hampson, Alicia.jpg
K Blue 
Johnsen Annie.jpg
Stage 1 White
Stephen, Jacqueline.jpg
Mrs Jacquie Stephen
Stage 1 Blue
Durnan, Carla.jpg
Mrs Carla Durnan
Stage 1 Red
Afflick, Jessica.jpg
3 Blue and Welfare
White, Jessica.jpg
3 Blue and Numeracy
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3 Red
Prow, Jeff.jpg
4 Blue
Harpley, Matthew.jpg
4 Red
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3 Blue
Grant, Megan.jpg
6 Blue & Sports Coordinator
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3 Red, 3 Blue &
Classroom Support Teacher
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Butler, Shellie.jpg
Classroom Support Assistant & Canteen
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Classroom Support Assistant
Classroom Support Assistant
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Office Support & Finance
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Administrative Assistant