Religious Education and Faith Development


Our motto at St Mary’s School is “In all things may God be glorified” in the tradition of the Good Samaritan Sisters who were some of the first educators at St Mary’s.

At St Mary’s we believe in the education of the whole child through a friendship with Jesus in a caring and pastoral environment through rich, engaging Religion lessons. We participate in Christian meditation and prayer each day and classes attend whole school and class Masses as well as Liturgies at school.

The Religious Education curriculum invites a ‘Conceptual Inquiry’ framework. The Religious Education Curriculum ‘aims to develop in each student the knowledge and understanding, skills and values needed to lead informed, responsible and socially fulfilling lives’.

The content of the Religion Curriculum is organised into four interrelated strands: Sacred texts, Beliefs, Church and Christian life. Each strand has its own distinctive body of knowledge. (Religious Education Archdiocese of Brisbane).


The development of the child’s faith is the shared responsibility with parents working in partnership with teachers, the parish priest and parishioners.

On special celebrations such as The Feast of the Sacred Heart we extend invitations to our families and parishioners to join us at Mass and share lunch in the school grounds.


Sacramental programs are coordinated by the Religious Education Coordinator in partnership with the Parish Priest. Parents who wish their child/ren to receive a sacrament are invited to attend an enrolment meeting with the Parish Priest and the REC. The students attend a retreat day at Carroll College led by the Year 10 students. Families are encouraged to attend a Commitment Mass prior to the Sacrament. The Sacrament is celebrated as a parish community at a weekend Mass.

Term 1 Reconciliation (Years 3 and above)

Term 2 Confirmation (Year 6 who have made their First Eucharist)

Term 3 First Eucharist (Year 4 and above who have made their Reconciliation)