Student Welfare

Our total student enrolment is 240. Our Mission is to be involved with the parish, live in a relational way, have high expectations, reach out to the community, support one another in our behaviour management and celebrate as a community.


At St Mary’s we value:

• The dignity and individuality of each child

• The building of positive relationships between all members of our community

• Justice and fairness when interacting with others

• Opportunities to build a caring and happy community

Our Behaviour Management Policy is based on a PROACTIVE approach, which is achieved through POSITIVE reinforcement, an awareness of the needs of each individual and a spirit of forgiveness.

Therefore we:

• Acknowledge shared responsibility for all students

• Discuss and expect that school rules are known and followed

• Establish clearly, the rights, rules and responsibilities of all

• Intentionally minimise embarrassment and hostility and be aware of the needs of individuals

• Maximise students’ ownership of behaviour

• Be aware that our expectations affect our behaviour as classroom facilitators

• Maintain impartiality  

• Follow up and follow through (consistency)

• Utilise wide support (peer, administration and parents)  

• Establish and display school and class rules


School Rules
We respect each other by:

 • Listening and showing appropriate body language

• Playing safely and treating others fairly  

• Using appropriate language


We keep ourselves and others safe by: 

• Being in the right place at the right time

• Walking on the concrete  

• Using the equipment safely and putting it away


 We look after the environment by:  

• Keeping our playground clean and using the correct bin

• Looking after all living things


Student Welfare Officer

A welfare officer works in the school to support students. He coordinates the KidsMatter framework in the school, faciliatates the Seasons for Growth program and works within classrooms. He strives to develop the self esteem of those he interacts with and supports students to manage their behaviour.

St Mary's has processes in place to deal with complaints and grievances. The first point of call is the Classroom Teacher, followed by an Executive member, then Principal. Open communication at all levels is of high priority. Parents are informed of their child's inappropriate behaviour or misconduct at school when necessary.  St Mary's aims to develop positive relationships among all members of the community. The staff recognise the need for shared responsibility for all students and therefore employ a proactive approach to managing student behaviour.