Religious Education

St Mary’s is committed to nurturing the Christian ideals in a caring, friendly and safe environment so the children develop respect for themselves, others and the community. The Sacramental Programs at St Mary’s are Parish based. This means there is close consultation and cooperation with the Parish Priest, teachers and members of the local parish in the planning of each of the Sacraments.












At St Mary’s we believe Religious Education is important because it:


Various Liturgical events are celebrated throughout the year. These include:


Parents are invited and encouraged to attend these Masses and Liturgies.

The Sacramental Programs for Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation are Parish based with parents, the parish priest and teachers working closely together. There is an expectation of significant parental and family involvement. Father Emil Milat faciliates Parent Information Sessions for all of the Sacraments and is supported by our Religious Education Coordinator and teaching staff.