Enrichment Programs

Private Music Tuition

Private music tutors are working at St Mary’s two days per week. This initiative was introduced to provide specialist tuition in the area of guitar, keyboard, vocals and concert band instruments. These sessions are held within school hours and are organised on a cyclic timetable to minimise disruption to class time. Guitar lessons are also offered to all students with our Year One teacher, Marg Croese, during lunch and after school.

Public Speaking 

Stage 2 and 3 students are given opporunities to be involved in public speaking within the school and with other schools in our southern region. 

Lunchtime Clubs

Opportunities exist for student involvement at lunchtime outside the regular play structure. Some of these activities include: Library, Computers, Gardening and Chess.  


The students are encouraged to participate in the NSW University Competitions in English, Maths, Science and Computing. Throughout the year students are also provided with information and opportunities to enter a range of Australia wide competitions, for example the Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Competition and the Nestle Writing Competition.


School Performances

Throughout the year students enjoy the delights of visiting performances.



Excursions link to classroom activities and provide students with practical experiences of curriculum. The cost is not included in the term fee structure. Students in Primary Years (3-6) have the opportunity to attend overnight excursions. The excursions are a vital component of the Curriculum and all students are expected to attend.