Our Staff

St Mary's Staff 2018

A Staff that laughs together, grows together! 





Mr Michael Lowe

Assistant Principal

Mrs Catrina Niddrie



Religious Education Coordinator:

Mrs Marg Croese


(Acting) Coordinator  

Sem 1:Mrs Fran Devonald

Sem 2: Mrs Rebecca Keough





School Officer: 

Mrs Annette Hazell

Principal Administrative Support:

Mrs Genevieve Schofield


Aboriginal Contact Teacher:

Mrs Kerry Boyenga 



Student Welfare Officer:

Mr Andrew Craft

Classroom Support Teacher

Mrs Jo Matthews





 Kindergarten Blue:

Mrs Margaret Croese and Mrs Alicia Hampson-Afflick

(REC Executive Release)

Kindergarten Red:

Mrs Sophie Kenny



Stage 1 Red:

Mrs Carla Durnan

Stage 1 White:

Mrs Annie Johnsen

Stage 1 Blue:

Mrs Jacquie Stephen


Year 3 BLue:

Mrs Jessie White

Mrs Jess Afflick






Year 3 Red:

Mr Justin Bateman


Year 4 Blue:

Mr Jeff Prow


Year 4 Red:

Mr Matthew Harpley

Year 5 Blue:

Mr John Harnett





Year 6 Blue:

Mrs Rebecca Keough

Year 6 Red:

Mrs Megan Grant

Mr Andrew Craft



Literacy Intervention

Mrs Catrina Niddrie

Classroom Support Assistant:

Mrs Julie Wiggins






Classroom Support


Mrs Shellie Butler

Classroom Support


Mrs Janet Ryan

Technical Support:

Mr Damien Hughes

Canteen Manger:

Mrs Shellie Butler



Keyboard Teacher:

Mrs Marina Bell

Guitar Teacher:

Mr Peter Rich

Concert Band Teacher:

Mr Barny Barnbrook

School Counsellor:  

Ms Melissa Sellick